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VIETNAM ATTRACTIONS - Sapa Town ,Lao Cai Province,Vietnam

Fast Facts Sapa Vietnam
Approximate area: 700 km2
Elevation: 1600 m
Population: approximately 40,000
Major ethnic minority Groups: Dao, Hmong, Tay, and Giay
Highest Peak: Mount Fanxipan (3142 m)
Terraced rice paddies; lively town centre; ethnic markets; village communities; community tourism projects; traditional homestays; trekking; local food; cooler weather.
Sapa Vignette:
Sapa itself is a busy little town; a crossroad of cultures converging then venturing off into the inspirational, misty mountain landscape. The area offers superb trekking to nearby hill tribe villages tucked within the terraced rice paddies such as Ta Phi Village,Cat Cat Village,Ta Van Village...,
Despite its commercialization during the last decade, Sapa is still a must-see on any northern Vietnam itinerary. On a clear day you will treated to views of steeply terraced rice fields, towering verdant ridgelines, ethnic minority villages, raging rivers and astounding waterfalls.
Nestled high in the Tonkinese Alps near the Chinese border, Sapa was built as a French hill station to serve as a respite from stifling Hanoi summers. These days, weekends are still the biggest draw in this bustling small town. Visitors from the capital flock to Sapa for a glimpse of the famed Saturday night "Love Market", treks to local hill tribe villages, or an ascent of Vietnam's highest peak, Mount Fanxipan.
Some eight ethnic groups inhabit Lao Cai province: Hmong, Dao, White Thai, Giay, Tay, Muong, Hao and Xa Pho. The most prominent in town are the Red Dao, easily identified by the coin-dangling red headdresses and intricately embroidered waistcoats worn by the women; and the Black Hmong, distinguished by their somewhat less elaborately embroidered royal blue attire. Many of the locals that frequent Sapa - especially the women and children - can speak surprisingly good English and are incredibly friendly. One to four-day treks are offered by several outfitters. Guests usaully sleep in the traditiaonal village homestays.
Topping out at 3,143 meters, Fansipan has become the most challenging hike / trek in Vietnam. There are a variety of options and routes that will see one to the summit.
A number of small hotels ranging from 2 to 5 star ranking are available for the tourist. In recent years the town has seen an influz of investment and a number of quaint coffee shops and restaurants serving local and international food are available.
The growning tourism industry has played a contentious role in the region. Regional government, as well as international NGOs and educational institutions have made posititive efforts in building the capacities of the locals. The results have been mixed and a number of challenges continue to plague the local communities, however more and more the benefits of tourism are being shared.The best times of the year to visit Sapa are in the spring and fall. Early summer tends to be rainy and muddy, while winter temperatures can drop to the freezing mark (Sapa saw snow in years 2000 and 2010!). Weather really does make a difference because the spectacular scenery is all but blotted out when there is cloud cover and rain. However, the infamous Sapa mist does make for some incredible photographs.
How to Get in Sapa ? There are 2ways
1) By Bus or WD Car : Book it on : www.sleeeperbusvietnam.com
2) By night train : Book any kinds of Sapa train tickets on : www.sapatrain.com
Sapa Package Excursion:
Sapa 2days/3nights
Sapa 3days/4nights Homestay & Hotel
Sapa 3days/4nights Adventure Trek & Homestay
Sapa Bac Ha Market 3days/4nights
Sapa Fansipan Adventure Trek 3days/4nights

Sapa Town ,Lao Cai Province - Tours Sapa Vietnam

Travel Hanoi Sapa
Sapa Vietnam Travel Sapa Vietnam Vietnam Travel Packages
Halong Bay Vietnam : Imagine 199 or more islands rising from the emerald waters of the Gulf  of Tonkin and you have a vision of breataking beauty. Halong translates as “ where the dragon descends into the sea”, and legend claims the islands of Halong bay were created by a great dragon from the mountains. As it charged towards the coast, its flailing tail gouged out valleys and crevasses. When  it finally plunged into the sea, the area filled with water, leaving only the pinnacles visible.
Designated a World Heritage site in 1994, this mystical landcape of limestone islets is often compared to Guilin in China or Krabi in southern Thailand. In reality, Halong Bay is more spectacular. The bay’s immense number of islands are dotted with wind and wave-eroded grottoes, and their sparsely for ested slopes ring with birdsong.
Beyond a boat cruise, visitors to Halong also come to explore the caves . theere are few real beaches in Halong bay, but Lan Ha Bay has idyllic sandy cives a chort boat hop from Cat Ba town. Read More..,
Sapa - Lao Cai Province - Vietnam Located 38km from Lao Cai City, Sapa is a mountainous district of Lao Cai Province. Sapa District is very well-known with Sapa Townlet, a beautiful and romantic resort.
At the height of 1,600m above sea level, the average temperature of the area is 15-18°C. It is cool in summer and cold in winter.
Visitor to Sapa in summer can feel the climate of four seasons in one day. In the morning and afternoon, it is cool like the weather of spring and autumn. At noon, it is as sunny and cloudless as the weather of summer. And it is cold in the evening. With no advance warning of a thunderstorm short and heavy rains may come at noon on any summer day. Subsequently, a rainbow appears, transforming Sapa into a magic land, which for years has been a constant source of poetic inspiration, lights up the whole region Read More...,
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